Matthew Greenwald

Matthew Greenwald

I took a three month trip hitchhiking around the United States and Puerto Rico back in 2007 and saw and did a lot in the three months. During the trip I went to a $60 three day punk rock music festival in Gainesville, Florida known as ‘The Fest’. One of the nights me and some friends camped out in someones backyard with a bunch of kids and at some point a keg of Guinness was stolen off a parked truck and was rolled to the house. We got the keg open with a knife and brick and dumped it into a tub and drank it. Four years after graduating high school in 2005 I enrolled at the University of Colorado where I study Architecture. I grew up running around the woods of Virginia. I have a strong intellectual curiosity, am stubborn, questioning, and like to dig deep into things of interest to me. I attended a permaculture design course in 2008 and that has been my guide since for finding my passions and goals.

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