Grace Lutheran Church Boulder

Shout out to Pastor Ron at Grace Lutheran!!  Pastor Ron has been an great partner in our project and another strong link to the community.  Thanks for your ideas and support.

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QR Codes

There was a good article written recently on QR codes and Mobile Tagging, two things we are trying to integrate into Finding Ground. Check it out Here.

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Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe

Shout out to our friends at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe.  Check them out at 1203 13th Street on the hill or online at

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Joshua Arndt

I  was born in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and now have been further spoiled to live in Boulder, Colorado. I initially I began as an integrated physiology major at the University of Coloradowith the dream of some day becoming a doctor. I quickly came to the realizationthis wasn’t the right track and in many ways fell into the architecture program. I was first interested in architecture as a young child fascinated with the construction of playing blocks. Having a father in the construction industry only furthered these interests.  Today,my fascination with architecture has matured to encompass works by inspiring architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Rem Koolhaas. Architecture has become somewhat of an identity marker consuming much of my time. Outside of school, I enjoy staying active and participating in the greek life on campus.

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Interview with Molly Winter

Yesterday, May 11, Brandon and I met with Molly Winter.  She has been the Director of the Downtown and University Hill Management Division and Parking Services for the City of Boulder since 1993.  For more information on her go to    Thanks Molly!

Here are the main things we learned:
1. Euclid and Broadway bus stop is the highest boarded stop for all of RTD including Union Station.
2.  Challenges include:  Uni-Hill is small, only 10 blocks, compared to Pearl Street at 100+ blocks.  Mixed retails and less expensive restaurants draw a specific crowd, & a higher-end restaurant might have a hard time making it.  There is a lack of public space.
3.  Woonerf- a street where pedestrians and cyclists have legal priority over motorists. The techniques of shared spaces, traffic calming, and low speed limits are intended to improve pedestrian, bicycle, and automobile safety.  The idea of doing a part-time plaza on the Hill is gaining strength.

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University Hill Organizations

The Hill Alliance unites the retail, residential, commercial and professional interests of the historic University Hill area, for the purpose of furthering the growth, development and economic well-being of the area through a cooperative effort.

The University of Colorado Student Union funds a Hill Liaison representative position and participates in events and programs.

The City of Boulder and the University of Colorado jointly fund a full-time University Liaison responsible for the development and implementation of programs to support and assist CU students living in University Hill and other areas off campus.

The City of Boulder Police have a Police Annex at 1310 College.

The University Hill Neighborhood Association is a group of Boulder residents in the adjacent residential community working together for a safe, clean, peaceful, and diverse neighborhood.

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Inspiration… (Lots Of)

S.F. Mirrors Project

JR’s Global Street Art Project (TED Prize Winner)

PICA Temporary Arts Center

PS1 Winners

PS1 Ghost House

Transforming Cities

Diller+ Scofidio WTC Platform

You-Tube Theater

Gorilla Projector

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